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Welcome to Skijor Now, the skijorer's source for quality equipment and information. Whether you're a beginner or world cup competitor, Skijor Now has everything you'll need to enjoy skijoring with your dog.


lf was such a famous sport that it was adopted as an official event at the 1928 Winter Olympics in Switzerland.

However, after the Winter Olympics in Switzerland, they were excluded from the Olympic sport due to the high level of opposition to using animals for the Olympics.

These days, they run more excitingly on cars and motorcycles.

Please be our guest as you browse through our PRODUCTS which are race proven and 100% guaranteed, or discover how to train your dog for skijoring with our TRAINING TIPS.  If you're new to the sport, we invite you to visit our PHOTO GALLERY and BEGINNER PACKAGE sections.

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what is skijoring? 

Skijoring is a winter sport that involves a person on skis being pulled by one or more dogs, horses, or a motor vehicle, such as a snowmobile. The skier wears a harness attached to a towline, which is then connected to the animal or vehicle providing the pulling power. The skier uses poles for balance and propulsion while being pulled across snow-covered terrain. Skijoring can be done for recreation or as a competitive sport, with races and events held in various parts of the world. It requires coordination between the skier and the animal or vehicle pulling them, as well as skill in navigating snowy terrain.


Skijoring is an exhilarating and fast growing winter sport which combines cross country skiing and dog mushing. Originating in Scandinavia and literally meaning "ski-driving" in Norwegian, skijoring allows a dog and owner to exercise together while enjoying the outdoors. Imagine yourself on a beautiful winter's day gliding behind your canine best friend on a tree lined trail.


Part of skijoring's beauty lies in its simplicity and minimal equipment requirements. Besides basic cross country ski gear, only three items are necessary to skijor: a harness for your dog; a skijoring belt for your waist; and a towline that connects you to your dog. For skijorers in warmer climates (or off season use), these three pieces of equipment also function well for roller skiing, inline skating, scootering or bikejoring with your dog.  (Please review our SAFETY TIPS before trying these.)

Pryazha settlement, Republic of Karelia,Russia, - January 20,2013. The International middle-distance sled dog race (the World CUP) "On the Land of Sampo".Race moment. The racer on a dogsled on a distance.

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Virtually any breed dog can learn to skijor. Northern breeds like Alaskan Huskies, Malamutes and Siberian Huskies have traditionally been used for skijoring due to their instinctive will to pull, but any dog that loves to run is a good skijoring candidate. For example, the German Short-Haired Pointer is very popular in Europe, and recently a team of Pointer crosses won the sprint mushing world championships. If your dog is energetic and 30 pounds or greater, chances are she'll make a great skijor dog.


Skijoring has something for everyone, and can be broken down into five general categories: Recreational Skijoring, Skijor Sprint Racing, Skijor Distance Racing, Backwoods Skijoring and Pulka, or Nordic-style dog mushing. (Technically speaking, Pulka is not a category of skijoring, but rather a separate class of sport.) Each category provides unique challenges and rewards for its participants, but one theme resonates throughout - skijorers love their dogs and enjoy spending time with them outdoors.


Skijorers in this category race distances generally of 20 miles or greater, and sometimes as long as 320 miles in the Alaskan Iditasport. Skijor distance racing includes the romanticism of racing sled dogs in the wilderness combined with endurance conditioning for skijorer and dog team alike. Distance skijorers must plan carefully, know their dogs intimately, especially concerning nutritional requirements, and take needed supplies and survival gear with them on the trail. A working knowledge of winter survival is of paramount importance before attempting any distance event.


If you enjoy winter camping, then you'll find skijoring with your dog in the backwoods even more rewarding. Backwoods skijorers are drawn to the beauty and solitude of nature, and often skijor on ungroomed trails far from urban development. Equipment for this type of skijoring is unique, with wider, classical style back-country skis and poles being the norm. Furthermore, if overnight excursions are planned, the use of a small sled, or pulk, is recommended for carrying gear. Any breed of dog has the potential to backwoods skijor well, but larger breeds such as the Malamute tend to be most popular for their pulling strength and work ethic. Like distance skijoring, a thorough knowledge of winter survival is necessary before heading into the woods.

Male cross-country skier with two dogs skate skiing across a snow covered field. The trees in the background are frost covered, and there is some fog in the distance.

training tips


Welcome to our Training Tips section, where you'll find a wealth of information about dog training and skijor equipment use. Before beginning skijor training with your dog, we highly recommend reading one of the basic dog training books by the Monks of New Skete. Doing so will shorten your skijor training time and improve your results.

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